Time for Lime (Festive snowflakes optional!)



If you are like me and LOVE the addictive shock of sharp, sour sweets, then this lime cake recipe inspired by Mary Berry, is for you!

I followed the recipe from (in my opinion) the queen of baking, Mary Berry, swapping the flour for gluten free flour. I do not add xanthum gum or anything to help make the texture better, as I don’t feel it needs it. I’ve found I have embraced a gluten free texture, focusing more on the flavour!

In her recipe, Mary Berry makes this into a tray bake, cutting it into 12 squares, but I don’t have the right tin, so one big round cake it is!


175g of soft butter

175g caster sugar

250g of gluten free self raising flour

1.5 tsp baking powder

3 eggs

3 tbsp milk

2 x grated zest of limes


250g icing sugar

2 x juice of limes

NB:// I’m sure you can see in the pictures, but so determined to have that sharp, sour lime flavour, I over did it on the lime juice in the icing…. it was way too runny, and ran straight off my cake!

Zoe Childs