A Free From Field mouse?!

mice font 150 dpi white.jpg

When you know nothing about Coeliac disease, food can be an overwhelming, anxiety inducing experience for all involved. Wheat just seems to pop up in everything!… pizza, bread, cake, biscuits, pasta, cereal, pancakes the list goes on..

I learn best by seeing and doing, so to help me understand what I can have, I ended up researching ancient grains such as Millet and Sorghum and traditional carbohydrates of other cultures such as Tapioca, originating from South America, and the many varieties of Rice a staple of Asian cooking. Then to help me remember them, I drew up little field mice, gluten eating “Una” and Coeliac “Selina”.

When I was told I would have to go gluten free, my first thoughts were of all the cakes I was no longer going to be able to delight in, luckily for me I have always enjoyed baking.. but cooking with gluten free flour is a totally different experience! I am revelling in experimenting to add those cakes back onto my list of ‘can eat’ cakes!… lemon cake, Victoria Sponge, banana muffins, fruit cake, Battenburg, Swiss roll, iced lime traybake, the list goes on!

Zoe Childs