At least these biscuits didn't turn into boiled sweets...



Not to be put off by past biscuit baking disasters, I saw a recipe in Jamie Oliver’s “5 ingredients” cook book - 5 ingredients - can you really go wrong?! well when gluten free flour is involved, mixed with my apparent great luck, yes it can.

Usually, when I make “biscuits” they take a form of other sweet treats… I had a friend coming over for tea and thought I would make some ginger biscuits… once in the oven they flattened into discs, stuck to the paper and set rock hard like a boiled sweet.. yay

But this seemed like a recipe that would end different. As it’s Christmas time, I thought I’d swap the lemon for orange.

Interestingly, this recipe used 50g of fine polenta, which gave the biscuits a lovely, enticing colour. But the process meant the mixture was dry and crumbly. Anxious, I added more orange juice - and perhaps a little too much (if you have read my lime recipe you’ll be seeing a trend here) The mixture became sticky and difficult to mold ready for baking, but I made it work and on the tray they looked good!

History repeated itself and once in the oven the biscuits quickly ran into flat discs, ‘please not boiled sweets again’ I thought.

However, I unintentionally made more of a shortbread and they were delicious! fragile but definitely edible, perhaps the polenta caused this?

Zoe Childs